Bendy Nulls

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Bendy Nulls is a simple dockable panel which will apply a global CC Bend It effect to a Selected Layer.

Installation and How to Use Demo:

Select a Layer and click the Bendy Nulls icon to run the script. Bendy Nulls will apply a CC Bend It effect to the Selected Layer with Global expressions applied to the Start and End points. It will then generate and parent two new Null Objects which will control the Start and End points of the CC Bend It, allowing the Selected Layer to be moved within the Composition whilst maintaining the CC Bend It effect.

When working with Raster layers a Grow Bounds effect will also be added to the artwork which will allow the Raster layer to bend further than its original Bounding Box. The value of the Grow Bounds contains an expression which calculates a value based on the positioning of the Start and End nulls, however if the artwork layer is Scaled this value may need to be adjusted to increase the Bounding Box further to compensate for the change in Scale.

Version 1.2 Update:

An error in the CC Bend It End expression has been fixed.

Version 1.3 Update:

Bendy Nulls now recognises whether the Selected Layer is a Shape Layer or whether Continuously Rasterize is selected. If the Selected Layer is a Non Shape Layer without Continuously Rasterize activated alternative expressions are applied to the CC Bend It Start and End points for wider use of the tool.

Version 1.4 Update:

The code behind Bendy Nulls has now been streamlined offering better implementation with K Bar. Simply open the script with K Bar to install it, no need to copy the code via the Headless script like in previous versions of the tool.

Bendy Nulls now adds a Grow Bounds effect with an expression to Raster layers which extends the Bounding Box of the artwork based on the positioning of the Start and End nulls. This eliminates the need to precompose Raster layers in order to make the CC Bend It work effectively.

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Bendy Nulls

153 ratings
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